Pēc pasūtījuma Turnikets LTKOST-220H

Turnikets LTKOST-220H

Modelis: LTKOST-220H
Pieejamība: Pēc pasūtījuma
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Solenoid Tripod Turnstile

Model: LTKOST-220H


Product Descriptions:

The LTKOST-220H Solenoid Tripod Turnstile guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in both entry and exit directions. Particularly elaborate design making this security barrier appropriate for almost any building

With its mechanical design and its embedded electronics, the equipment guarantees high levels of safety.

The system is provided with a standard electrics interface and is easily integrated with access control system.

It can be used for intelligent control and management of the passage after equipped with different access control system.

When power off, the arm will drop down (optional set free passage when power off) to the request of fire protection. When the power is on again, the arms need to be lifted by hand. Optional anti backup function to prevent reverse rotation once the tripod has move 60 degree form home.

Working principle:

Solenoid Tripod Turnstile is equipped with 2 solenoids and special mechanism system which will control the system lock and unlock in both direction.

When the user is authorized via access control system or push button, the mechanism system will unlock (control by the solenoid) at the pass direction, user can pass thought the passage with slight push the arm.

When the tripod rotates for 120°, the mechanism system will lock automatically and the counter will add 1, and the mechanism system can be automatically reset, optional anti backup function to prevent reverse rotation once the tripod has move 60 degree form home.


Typical areas of application are: office building, governmental buildings, banks, hotel, super market, park etc.


Function Specifications:


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